This is the website for Ravattino, the Rusty robot for the OS course at EURECOM-Fall 2020.

Personality and name

The name Ravattino comes from Genova dialect "Ravatto", which means "old, non-valuable non-useful thing".
Think like "bric-a-brac" in English.
It's a bit like Wall-e: very rusty, old, not valuable, but with a great soul .

We love it anyway!

The result

The task

The competition is a warehouse game (rules) and takes place in this stadium:

Sample map from Eurecom website
render of the arena
Our render made in Blender of the arena. Useful to have a real world idea of dimensions before building it

Ravattino is a collaborative project. It is commanded by :

Check each our individual contributions in our git repository

Check our Gitlab !